Here’s to a new semester!

Well, it’s been a while since we posted anything here at the Whitman Writing Center blog. But each semester we’re growing, expanding our outreach, and honing our mission. This semester is off to a great start with a few new tutors, regular events such as Tuesday Tea Time (1-3:30) and Faculty/Staff Fridays (1-3), and we even had an open house to kick off the semester! One of the open house activities was a group composition, also known as an “exquisite corpse.” Each person at the event contributed a sentence. Here is the rather remarkable piece we produced: 


“Gently now, Rutherford,” cautioned the boatswain. Rutherford swung his club in a barbaric and jerky arc.

“Shit,” muttered Rutherford.

The boatswain reiterated this sentiment: “merde.” You see, the boatswain, Ben-Zouf, was from that most illustrious of Parisian neighborhoods, La Batte de Montemartre. A neighborhood known for the pervasive presence of feces, “La Batte” was not a great place to be after dark.

Utterly woebegone, Rutherford wandered through the neighborhood. There, he heard a small kitten meowing and followed the sound. After wandering awhile, he discovered that he wasn’t following the sound; rather, the sound was following him. Desperate to escape the feline terror stalking him amongst the beautiful Parisian buildings, Rutherford took a sharp left down a deserted alleyway, where he found the very kitten he was trying to avoid. It turned out that the kitten was a mouse.

The mouse wore a heavy orange cat mask, but the mask was so large it dragged on the cobblestones. “We meet again,” said the masked mouse, much to the surprise and chagrin of Rutherford.

Rutherford pivoted to run, but midscream, the boatswain hooked his throat, and Rutherford fell to the cold, silent ground.

“It always works,” muttered the boatswain. 


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